Christina, Rachael and Oprah used Garcinia Cambogia to lose weight?

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evolution-slimming-garcinia-cambogiaI love our celebrities, even though they sometimes make me laugh. Whether it’s about their scandals, newborn babies or their own shows doesn’t really matter. Sometimes it’s hard for me to admit, but I look at them as inspirational people who give us hope. Because there is one thing they surely know how to do: lose weight!

So when I read about them using Garcinia cambogia for losing their weight, I love that they endorse a product that helped so many people around the world already. Let’s see which of the celebs used garcinia to shed those pounds

Did Oprah use garcinia cambogia to lose weight?

Oprah is the most endorsed celebrity women in the World and we know it. So did Oprah really use Garcinia to lose weight? The data I have found is slightly incomplete. There are those who say that she did.

As one of the “gossip” pages allegedly quotes her:

“Oprah recently revealed that the Garcinia Cambogia diet was the “Dirty Little Diet Secret” she had been using for over a year. The results were unbelievable:

“I lost 28lbs in 4 weeks with No Special Diet, No Intense Exercise!”

The benefits of the Garcinia Cambogia beat all of our initial skepticism. We found the diet not only helped with weight loss and getting rid of belly fat, but it seemed to boost energy levels, and also helped Oprah sleep better and to wake-up more rested.”

There is one thing that nobody is telling though. They used garcinia cambogia and colon cleanse combo for more power. And that might have been the secret you were looking for: 

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From her official site I couldn’t really find any relation to this, so all of this info picked from here and there I take with a grain of salt. Be that as it may, Oprah did lose a lot of weight and looks astonishing now.

Maybe you can do it too, with Garcinia Cambogia and a little exercise on a side (nothing drastic, though).

Has Christina Aguilera lost her weight with garcinia?

Christina is one of the best singers in the world by far, and now with her involvement with The Voice she must keep in good shape. Her pictures being overweight before, and then apparently due to Garcinia cambogia and Colon cleanse combination (I wrote about it here already) she managed to get back in amazing shape and to be sexier than ever. Just look at this and decide for yourself:

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If you want to know more about this kind of diet, click here for full garcinia cambogia review. You could be looking like Christina Aguilera too.

What about Rachael Ray? What is Her Dieting secret?

Rachael Ray has an amazing TV Show and she, as many of her celebrity friends has struggled with overweight at one time. Luckily, she did manage to lose her weight back and now looks better then ever before.

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Interestingly, Kim Kardashian has also been connected in regards of Garcinia cambogia along with some other very popular name such as:

  • Paula Deen,
  • Britney Spears,
  • all the stars from Desperate Housewives

We won’t get into the research if these statements are true. I tend to think some of it is, but it might be a little exaggerated. What is important is the fact that people understand the importance of good nutrition, good diet, and dietary supplements. These things combined are more likely to work well on your body.

Garcinia cambogia and colon cleanse

As mentioned before (check link) I have reviewed this part, and now that its definitely used by celebrities we can say this could really really work for us mortals too 🙂 The thing is, without cleansing our body from time to time we will pile up so much “dirt” in it, that it will become too toxic to deal with the bad stuff on its own. You don’t want to do that to your body, so make sure you somehow implement both dieting and cleansing in your weight loss program. Finally, if you are still not sure…

How to use garcinia cambogia

… you should check my post on recommended dosage but if it’s too long for you (a ton of material there, really helpful) here’s the thing in just a couple of bullet points:

  • Depending on your serving dosage
  • take 2 to three pills daily
  • approximately 30 min to 1 hour before you eat
  • and don’t worry if you forgot to take it, you can
  • take it after meat too, and will not want a snack then.

Simple as that, hope it helps!

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