Garcinia Cambogia for Men? Could it work?

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evolution-slimming-garcinia-cambogiaPeople say that men are biologically luckier because they can lose fat faster than women. That being said, could garcinia cambogia somehow be the solution for men? Let’s see.

Do you sometimes wonder how come a man that doesn’t look fat at all actually weights a lot? The answer is very simple: strong guys tend to have more muscles, and muscles are really “condensed” meaning, they actually weight more than for example, water or fat that is stored in your body. So, same weight of fat would be a lot more visible, than same weight of muscles.

Men lose fat faster primarily because of they:

  • have more muscles, more muscles burn more fat (this is kind of strange, but it is how it is)
  • have different hormones, more testosterone which helps fat burn (in women, estrogen actually helps to store fat), and
  • for some reason man are more prone to eating a lot of meat, which is protein, while
  • unfortunately a lot of women just love their sweets, which is carbo-hydrates.

Garcinia cambogia for men

garcinia cambogia for menThere are several high protein low carb diets. For example, ne of them is the very very well known Paleo diet that has taken the world by a storm lately and has surpassed other well known diets such as Atkins or Dr. Dukan’s.

We are a huge fan of Paleo because in combination with fat burners or carb blockers it really works well. If you think you are tough enough, why not try it out.

Paleo works for you wether you use other supplements or not. And what’s the best, it tends to work well for most people.

That being said, men can also skip this diet and just regularly exercise and combine regular fitness with garcinia cambogia or maybe even try out green Coffee beans in case that garcinia didn’t do things to their liking.

The bad thing about being men is, they store most of their fat in the stomach area and then look like a barrel. Or in a way like they have had eaten five meals instead of one. This is most probably the best time, when one would seriously start thinking about:

  1. more exercise,
  2. better diet, and
  3. supplements

Even if it doesn’t work wonders in the beginning, on a long run the benefits of good diet combined with supplements and exercise is the only winner against the constant problem of being overweight. Remember that most men (while we’re at it, it’s also true for women) never lose the wanted amount of pounds not because men can’t use garcinia cambogia, but because they mostly stop at the first two weeks of this process. The most important thing to remember while on diet is to be persistent and not to give up after the first bad period kicks in – and trust me, it will kick in.

While we have seen that extreme exercise and exposing your body to strange surgical procedures can make one see the wanted results faster, there is also a high risk involved with them. A risk factor that not everyone is willing to take.

Bottom line is, there is no good answer wether this supplement will work very well for men or not. The good news is, to our findings there is absolutely no risk on trying it out. In combination with a steady diet, and an exercise plan – even if it is minimal – it will soon show either way.

There is a slight possibility that you won’t see positive reactions immediately, so you need to continue working on it for 4-5 weeks. If it shows no progress at all, it might be that this supplement might not be the best for you. Luckily, then you can try to just switch to another supplement and keep on going with your diet and exercise. Again, even if minimal, it is the best possible way to do about your weight loss.

One final note. If you are considering this well known supplement, don’t just go and buy the first or any brand. It’s much better if you do your homework, so later you won’t have any regrets. For example, I have written about Pure Health brand here as an example of a bad brand!

If you want to go with the proven way, then check this post about proper way to buy Garcinia cambogia under this link.


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