What does Garcinia Cambogia pill look like?

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evolution-slimming-garcinia-cambogiaWonder about the size of Garcinia Cambogia pills? Well me too! And I have to admit this post is long overdue, so now I will try to fix that. Sit back, relax and read this post about the pills size for Garcnia Cambogia Select, which is one of the brands I was checking. (Very similar pill size is in the Garcinia from Evolution Slimming the one you see on the picture to the left)

Fact: with so many brands out there it is possible that your Garcinia Cambogia pills will look different, be a little smaller or even bigger, but I hope that you can get the general idea from my post. If you are uncertain about which brand to take, check my main review page. In it you will find general information relevant for any Garcinia suppmenent (Garcinia Cambogia Select included) and a five point “checklist” that you should follow to make sure you are buying the good type of Garcinia.

What does Garcinia Cambogia bottle look like?

This picture below shows the bottle right out of the shipment. You won’t be surprised: it’s a standard sized bottle like with any other supplement or medication that you see day in day out. I love the greenish color, reminds me of the fact that I am taking a natural supplement. The orange color, I guess, tries to follow the actual color of the fruit (it is “orangish” at least, at one point in time it is). 

garcinia cambogia bottle green with orange

Garcinia Cambogia Select bottle

The cap is of course sealed with a tape. If by any chance you get yours (be it Garcinia Cambogia Select or any other brand) with the protective tape taken off, DO NOT take the supplement, return it to your merchant immediately, demand a refund or a replacement.

What do Garcinia Cambogia pills look like?

Ok, moving on to pills. To be honest, at first I was pretty surprised by the size of the pills. It really looks sort of big. So it took me some time, but like with anything else over time I got used to it. Since it is the best to take it with a big glass of water, it doesn’t even feel that big in size anymore. The manufacturer also recommends to take it with an 8oz glass of water. You can drink more water, that always helps!

The pills have nothing special to be mentioned. They look like so many other supplement pills that we are used to take. Their color is also nice.

Finally as an answer to your question: “what does garcinia cambogia pill look like”, here is a picture of Garcinia Cambogia pills near to the opened bottle:


garcinia cambogia bottle with pills

Garcinia cambogia open bottle

For size comparison I have another picture for you. I have placed the weigh loss pills near a coffee spoon, so you might get a better idea of their size.

pills of garcinia near spoon

Pills of Garcinia Cambogia next to a coffee spoon

Once again, if you take it with a lot of water, you should have no problem swallowing your new favorite slimming pills. The more I look at it the more I feel comfortable that its not too big (I have seen larger pills of simple vitamins or multivitamins). If you are uncertain about the right way to take Garcinia Cambogia read this post.

Also, before you go and buy Garcinia Cambogia pills, I recommend you read my post about it right here. I hope it will be helpful to you, it has some good info: you might make a better deal buying online than just going to the store and buying the first one right of the shelf (reasons revealed in the post).

Hope I was able to help you find out about the size and the looks of Garcinia Cambogia pills.

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