New Years Resolution 2015 : Less Fat, More Exercise

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At the end of every year a lot of people try to create a little plan on what’s coming next. Somehow January 1st is a mind-mapped border line that we cross and think this time it will really be different. This time it will work.

Many of us, including me, would love to lose at least some weight. Too much sitting in the office, too much stress, kids going on our nerves, bosses kicking our butts for no particular reason and the only real relief is the occasional glass or two of that red wine. We don’t have time to eat better, to work out, to run or jog, to go to the gym. But there is one sad truth out there: Unfortunately if we don’t get more exercise in 2015, the fat will stay with us.

New Year New Garcinia For 2015

So is there a way to make a self-committment to garcinia cambogia and say that our 2015 New Years resolution is losing fat in a way that will really work? I believe there is. I have finally found a great company that sells garcinia cambogia all over the world, and after several months I am recommending it wholeheartedly. Apparently, even some of our beloved celebrities managed to use it with success, so what’s stopping you, or me? Why is it so hard to implement it in our lives, along with some better diet perhaps, and by Gods will with some cool exercise (men can just do weight lifting that could be enough).

Happy New Year 2015

Let’s Get Down To Business

Let’s stand together in this and say it proudly: 2015 will be the year when I lose 20 pounds. Or 50 pounds. Or whatever the amount you need to get rid of. It’s not easy, and it won’t come over night. But that is what these Year End resolutions are really all about.

They make us make a mental note to ourselves and if we are strong enough, if we prevail, then they do wonders for our lives.

Last Year’s Achievements and Mistakes

I remember my last years resolution was not about Garcinia. Firstly it was about asking for a raise because I was working way too much for what I was paid for. Well that tanked pretty much. The Economy and all. Oh well.

But then I realized I don’t really need much more money. I need more time! So I changed my goals: now it was about spending more time with my family (beacuase besides running this blog, I do have a normal job and a family to attend to), and crazy as it sounds, I stopped staying late in the office – while my productivity rate didn’t suffer at all. I stopped using the time-drains apps and stupid things so much, forced myself to wake up an hour earlier in the morning to be able to do my “Facebook checking” regularly and by the third month I can say I was hooked. I even lost a little weight during this period, but okay the main reason behind that might have been that I switched to the famous paleo diet in combination with one (yes only one) pill of Garcinia daily.

Really not trying to brag, just to show what is possible. Once you set your mind to it, the sky is the limit.

My 2015 Weight Loss and Happy Life New Year Resolution

in 2015 garcinia cambogia will melt my fat!So these are my points as a New Years resolution for 2015:

  • trying to get better at my work, so that Mr. Bossman leaves me alone (we both will be happier that way)
  • spend as much time with my family as I can
  • go on regular walks and short jogs, at least 3 times a week
  • do at least two colon cleansing diets with Garcinia in 2015 (probably January is a good start for a first one after all the food I have eaten lately)
  • keep the Paleo food on my table as much as I can (occasional cheats are acceptable), and finally
  • lose those final 20 pounds that I need in order to get the body I want (for a long time)

To be honest, I am pretty scared. We people are very easy to distract. To lose the drive, to get unmotivated. And I am writing this post exactly for that reason. With the help of supplements (because on my own I am not disciplined enough) a better diet (that my wife also approves and likes) and the help and support of my beloved family there is no way of stopping me.

And I know that You could do the same! If you start today, you can still get into the right track and really make 2015 a year that finally matters!

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