Not Losing Popularity Even After More Than Two Years

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It has been more than two full years since the sudden popularity of this fatbuster pill, and it seems the trend doesn’t seem to fade.

How it all started with Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia supplement didn't lose popularity over time

In the beginning even I was a little shocked with the sudden popularity, but given that Dr. OZ has endorsed the ingredient on his ultra popular TV show, this was somehow understandable. This was back in 2013.

What happened next is that many manufacturers, those legit and those not started producing the supplement all over the world. Many people reported buying from a bad and/or expensive company and immediately went to call out the complete garcinia craze a total scam. However those who remained true to the original instructions on what kind of pills to take, and also what kind of results to expect, have seen a significant improvements in their fat loss efforts.

It’s magical, but not magic

Another important thing to remember is this: although it is not 100% necessary to do exercise while taking the supplement it most certainly helps, just as we have discussed it before in this post and this post. Some manufacturers from other industry verticals, such as bodybuilding, even went and implemented this fruit in their supplements. You can read more about this right here. So the pill works well, and has good results but is not a magic pill (even though some would like to believe that it is).

As you must have seen already, one of the reason the supplement is becoming an evergreen rather than an overnight one-hit wonder, is the fact that positive reactions prevailed. Good companies started producing higher quality garcinia pills and offering great deals on packs. Even today, this is one of the most beloved slimming pill to take, and as time goes by it doesn’t really lose on it’s popularity.

We the people often expect miracles from supplements or pills, and we are searching for the cheapest solution even when we know that one is not the best. Being consistent in research and not falling for the first wave of crazy when something new arrives might give you that special plus, that edge that will prove to you:

  • you are confident in your decision,
  • you base it upon good research and
  • upon huge experience of others, so
  • there is no doubt in your mind that it will work for you.

And trust me, believing it will work is just as important as the fact that it works. And it does, it’s a scientific fact.

What about those who didn’t like it?

Even though it is a good diet pill, there might be a situation – because every person is different, right? – that the supplement is not the best choice for you. What can be the cause of this behavior? Well, too many factors are to be considered so there is no really good answer.

But it might be your

  1. digestive system,
  2. metabolism,
  3. allergy to any of the ingredients,
  4. your way of life,
  5. sports habits,
  6. etc.

In these cases, people who are overweight or just plain fat, and because of that are already oversensitive are likely to go mad on the Internet and post all kinds of conspiracy theories how this is the latest and greatest scam, or the scam of all scams and demand immediate pull. A ban from human consumption. But if that were the case, all pills would be banned within a week. And I literally mean all. Because there is no one-size-fits-all in these cases.

One has to do a little trial and error, and one has to be persistent and see it through.

The important thing is not to lose faith immediately. This is just one pill of many and there are other supplements that can help if this one doesn’t. But you can’t be one of those people who think it’s easy losing 40 pounds in 2 weeks time. Life doesn’t work like that, and most certainly fat loss neither.

The best results were always shown by those who stay on their course, slightly alter their diet, start a little exercise and give their new diet and new life at least 4-6 months for the complete formula to “kick in”.

Comparison, Combination, or Drop Out

Interestingly, the same change in life, but without the pill is showing only half of the benefits.

A fact even more interesting, is the combination that this pill can be taken with. I personally like comparing it to other popular supplements, here’s one about green coffee and another one about raspberry ketones, but the one giving me most of the chills is the one showing combined power of two pills.

So, we can say that for many people it is absolutely true: Garcinia cambogia is at the time of the writing, the most popular weight loss supplement in the world.

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