Is Garcinia Cambogia Dangerous? What You Need To Know about Pills

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The Media and the Dr Oz Trial

Earlier this year, in February 2016. Dr. Mehmet Oz was on trial for false claims about some of the most popular weight-loss pills in the world. It was picked by all major news portals in USA and UK, even some tv shows and after all this, he and his team are also much more careful about what they endorse or not.

What is the real truth? Is garcinia cambogia dangerous?

Was it only a false claim about these products helping you lose weight, or the actual citation he got was because of all the hidden dangers these kind of endorsements cover.

is garcinia cambogia dangerous

The truth is, if an authority figure such as Oprah or Dr. Oz say something aloud on TV, it is prone to become an overnight sensation. This is exactly what his alleged guilt was. On his show he said: this and this product could help you lose weight – and need I add, there was always a pinch of “but you should also do some serious exercise with it” part – and the products such as Green coffee bean extract, Raspberry Ketones, African Mango, Saffron Extract and of course, Garcinia Cambogia all came under a lot of fire.

But this is nothing new. Actually there was a similar case with Oz back in 2014, and I see no evidence of less enthusiasm for these weight loss pills. People know that not everything they read or hear is the truth.

The myth od garcinia cambogia extract pills being dangerous

Often, the truth lies somewhere in between the hyped claims you might see on bad and scammy websites (and I urge you to stay away from those), and the over-protected sceptics who believe nothing in the world can help you lose weight. Which is again, not true, because clearly there are ways and there are pills that can help.


But all of this is irrelevant in our search for the truth behind the dangers of garcinia cambogia.

Yes, it would be unfortunate if it really doesn’t work but that is not the case. Many people have managed to combine it with a good diet, a little exercise and shed those pounds. I feel it is important to mention that if you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle, you drink too much alcohol, smoke, eat 5,000 calories a day and then take a pill, it won’t work for you. You will never lose weight that way.

Even then, to claim garcinia cambogia pills are dangerous is a huge overstatement. In the end it has been used for centuries in the asian cuisine as a spice. There is no evidence that shows asian people are sicker then any of the men and women of the Western World. If something, they are healthier. Probably not only due to this strange fruit but also to the lifestyle without stress, and maybe a different diet they use.

Bottom line, you shouldn’t believe anything you hear from the huge news portals, but it is also good if you do a little research on your own before you go and put your faith in an unknown product.

Safety precaution for weight loss pills

There are many ways you can avoid being scammed for shady pills that never work, and we will discuss only some of them here:

  • my best advice is to do a little research online and be sure you are buying from a good supplier
  • don’t always go for the cheapest one, there is a reason why good things are always a pricier than bad things
  • try to find a better deal with stack packages (save several months of pills when you buy more), or with combo packages (combine two good pills for better results)
  • implement your pills into your diet, do not exchange one for another

Let me explain this last one a little bit more: many people believe there is only A or B. Only one or another. I mean, it’s either Exercise, or a Diet. It’s either Pills or Diet, etc. This kind of approach is very wrong. The best results will always come from combining several stages of your lifestyle plan into one huge overall diet plan:

  • use a good diet, such as Paleo diet or Dukan Diet
  • make sure you follow the instructions on taking the weight loss supplements
  • do some exercise, even if it is only for a 30 minutes a day
  • avoid overeating
  • avoid alcohol
  • avoid stress

Now those are the pillars of your weight loss. Is it dangerous? Not more than breathing.

Yes, there are people who should avoid any diet pill, and as I always recommend, the best thing is to consult your doctor about the things you can and cannot take. However be sure to ask your doctor the right questions:

It’s not about whether you should take it (unless she or he is a dietitian, you should rather rely on your own gut feeling), it’s just about whether it is dangerous for you or not.

If you are pregnant, or have kidney problems, or take other medicine then there is always a lot of precaution that needs to be in place.

There was one real study I have found about the possible dangers of taking Garcinia Cambogia along with some anti depressant pills. Due to the fact that garcinia can increase serotonin levels, and anti-depressant pills do the same, there is a possibility that you get serotonin toxicity. Kind of an “overdose”, a term that should be taken lightly because the symptoms you could see are sweating, heavy heart rate etc (source).

People with high blood pressure for example, cannot take Green Coffee bean extract because it raises the blood pressure due to it’s caffeine ingredient. But that doesn’t mean you cannot take something else like Raspberry Ketones or Yacon syrup, or Garcinia Cambogia.

All of these supplements can be found in one place at the world famous Evolution Slimming store (link).


As a final thought on the article, my personal opinion is that there is no imminent danger from using any of these supplements (but check with your doctor, of course). If there was, the authorities would have already banned selling of these pills.

Facing a trial of epic proportions is too much of a risk for any legitimate business.

That is why even if the authorities wouldn’t be successful in taking it off from all stores – there are always those that try to sell on the black market – it is 100% certain that the big chains like Wallmart or big web stores such as Bauer Nutrition or Evolution Slimming would have to take it of their (virtual) shelves.

Keep these in mind whether you are buying anything that needs a little research, and you will be fine, safe, and more importantly: able to make your own educated decision.

Read my full review of the weight loss pill at my main page here.

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