Is pure health garcinia cambogia a good choice?

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Recently I stumbled upon a Pure health garcinia cambogia product. It caught my attention immediately, so I thought I will inform you about my findings. For those in hurry, you better forget the Pure Health brand and go with this one here.

Lucky we live in a world where we have a choice in everything. We chose where to live, how to live what to work and, of course, we chose which products to buy.

I understand many people are tempted to buy a cheeper version of anything. Some are forced to do so because they don’t have the proper funds for quality. But there is always something we need to bare in mind. We must measure. We must try to get the best for us. And we must decide.

Now when I see a $9.99 per bottle of Pure health garcinia cambogia, to be honest, a lot of alarms go off. I was raised to believe that quality has to be paid for, at least in some extent. And given the fact that the average price of Garcinia is at least $30-40 for a 90 pills bottle, seeing a price that is exactly the third of it must raise some questions, right?

I am not saying that Pure health garcinia cambogia is not good. I have checked the label and it has 60% HCA which is good, but it also has some Calcium, Potassium and Chromium – all which could be accepted as minerals our body is in a need of. What is a little strange to me is that it contains Black Pepper which in my personal opinion doesn’t really belong here. Black pepper is known to stimulate the intestines and have a role in speeding up metabolism, but honestly with good quality Garcinia supplement I don’t think this is necessary.

The first thing that actually alarmed me is this:

pure health garcinia cambogia

Pure health garcinia cambogia yes, costs “only” $9.99 and could be bought in a grocery store which is maybe beneficial, but also has ONLY 30 capsules!

Despite the actual recommended dosage of garcinia presented by Dr OZ on his show, pure health garcinia cambogia is supposed to be taken three times a day, before every bigger meal that is, and each time you need to take 2 to 4 capsules.

Now, if we do a little math, that is 4 capsules in the morning, 4 for lunch and 4 for dinner for the pure health garcinia cambogia. That is 12 already gone by the end of the FIRST day and you have bought a bottle of 30 capsules all in all? If you continue like this it will last you 3 days which is not really beneficial!

The whole bottle is gone in 3 days with this pace!

Ok, there is a bigger serving bottle, the one with 90 capsules (I found that this one costs $19.99). Its easy to calculate that if you take 3 times 4 pills a day that is ONE WEEK for the big bottle!

You might have to pay a little more for the bottle of a better brand but on a long run, you will be paying three times more.

And, if you do the calculations:

6 months supply of Garcinia Cambogia would cost only around $120.

The same amount (dosage for 6 months) for Pure health garcinia cambogia would cost you 4 x 6 x $19.99 which is an amazing $479.96 !

So, before you decide wether you need the Pure health garcinia or not, do your calculations and decide what is the best for you and your financial situation.

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