Slim spray reviews the Objective Way

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Fed up with trying to swallow weight loss pills the size of your fist?

Fact: some weight loss pill manufacturers (not all) will try to fill so many ingredients in their capsules, that it becomes a real challenge to swallow.

Seriously, where does it stop? I wrote before about the size of garcinia pill, and even that one was not on the small side. If you are anything like me, you did also have a little trouble swallowing. Let’s see if Marzsprays Slim Spray featured on Shark Tank can help. Here’s a complete, and I want to think more objective than other:

The Most Objective of all Slim Spray Reviews

slim spray weight loss effortlessIn their effort to help people lose weight in an easier way, Marzaspray created a slimming spray to use orally. They put a lot of really well known appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters and a ton of vitamins inside. This is to ensure every ingredient is there for a good reason.

One of the supposedly good things about it is that you don’t have to suffer while using it. I mean, while it is extremely hard to take some really huge pills, at least for some, spraying ingredients in your mouth couldn’t be easier. If you ever used any kind of mouth breath spray, well this is just as easy to use.

But is it really so easy and effective as it was planned to be? You see, there are a lot of reviews out there, but among those I never found all I was looking for. So I wrote my own review that I thought might help you. Here it goes:


What are the ingredients in Marza Slim Spray?

The list of ingredients is quite impressive, and if you check closely you will see that it is a combination of several well known weight loss ingredients all in one. This is to ensure the right effect is reached.

Important: Contains some preservatives, but upon short check you realize – even though they sound really unpronounceable – none of them are alarming: potassium sorbate, sodium hexametaphosphate, and sodum benzoate.

So what is Wrong with Slim Spray? Is spraying not better than swallowing?

It is a fact that pills taken orally take more time to digest and get into your bloodstream. They have to pass the process of digestion before they dissolve and enter your blood, which means you have to wait at least 25-30 minutes until it “hits you”. This is why you have to take garcinia cambogia 30min to 1 hour before your meals.

If you use a liquid, on the other hand most often doubles the effect. Its because a huge part of it is absorbed through your mouth. Some scientist say that as much as 37% of the ingredients can be absorbed this way. Which is awesome!

The other part of course, goes all the way through your digestive system like in the case of pills. Which means it takes effect a little later, but still does… and in that way you have it work for you longer.

Here comes the interesting part!

Apart from all these super cool manufacturer claims and sales copies, I took the time to check some forums and other blogs that deal with Slim Spray and unfortunately it seems that it is a little hyped “energy drink” put into a bottle. People are genuinely discouraged to use it and many of them are very disappointed.

What was it supposed to do?

  • Burns fat faster due to a powerful combination of ingredients
  • The active ingredients are well known natural weight loss aids
  • There are no chemicals and artificial fillers
  • Reduces cravings and hunger pangs
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Increases energy levels and vitality
  • Promotes absorption of vitamins and minerals in your body

It is also:

  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free

What it really does?

According to the testimonials from several people: NOTHING!

And we go beyond that as well:

  1. It is not suitable for people under 18 years of age
  2. Not suitable for you if you are pregnant or breast-feeding
  3. It contains Caffeine so if you don’t like that stick with Garcinia cambogia, or possibly pure Yacon syrup!
  4. Not approved by FDA
  5. There are already some fake products on the market so make sure you buy the official bottle.

All that aside, if you are still unsure I always suggest that the best thing you can do is to check with your doctor. That way you’ll be safe. If you know you have no allergies and you don’t fit the categories explained above, you should be safe to use slim spray without any problems.

Bottom line

Features on Shark tank show, I think this might have been a good effort to help those people who hate big pills. Losing weight should not be painful, even if sometimes we have to do compromise, take pills, exercise, it is good that at least someone is trying to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, if you produce an inferior product you can’t really expect people to love it.

1390242789yacon-syrup-300x250This is why instead of this, I would rather recommend Yacon Syrup – you still don’t have to swallow a huge pill, and you might see better results, or actual results. 

Have you tried Slimspray? Do you want to? Was this review helpful to you? Let me know in the comments below, I do read them all and answer when I can.

Also let me know if you would like to read more reviews of other weight loss aids. I love doing this. Reviewing and helping out. Here’s to your health and weight loss benefits!

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