The 21 Day Paradigm

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So very often can one hear that this program doesn’t work, that program doesn’t work, this supplement is bad, that one is a scam? Do you really trust all these resources? You do know that it also depends on who is saying it. However, today I don’t want to talk about people who are just generally negative about everything and create conspiracies just about anything.

I want to talk about the 21 days of weight loss paradigm

So what does it has to do with Garcinia cambogia, one might ask? Well, you could be surprised but it actually has to do a lot with it. Here’s why:

In the 1950s a plastic surgeon named Maxwell Maltz formed a theory – based on his patients’ behavior – that it takes 21 days to create, or break a habit. Now… that is all great, but it’s not entirely true. What he said was that it takes at least 21 days to do it. What today’s fast-paced world heard is that everything can be done in 21 days.

I don’t really believe that if you drink alcohol for 21 days straight you’re likely to become an alcoholic. Both the constant drinking, and your persistence certainly paves a great path on the road to AA, but you can easily get out of it. Or if you go to your favorite gym and work out for 21 days with no break – well, except that you might get some kind of damage to your muscles – you won’t get super fit like those fitness models you see out there.

Yet when considering a supplement, people expect that in 21 days their world changes 180 degrees. And I am not talking being happy to lose a couple of pounds in three weeks time, I am talking about people miserably failing their “life goal” because they didn’t shrink to half their size in this short period of time.

Wake up call: extreme results require extreme measures, and a lot – and I really mean a lot – of sacrifice. But that is the only way to fight the inevitable weight-gain or in certain situations, obesity. Which is a lethal disease, as we already know.

So what is it about the 21 days and slimming pills?

21 day

First of all, if you were persistent enough to use either garcinia or any other pill for that long it is a good sign. You are strong enough to continue. What you did, was create a pattern of behavior that might lead to really forming a habit just like professor Maltz said. But the real job doesn’t end here – the real job is just about to start. Because the truth is, 21 days just isn’t enough. Once you realize that taking the pills is a part of your everyday routine, a part of your life, it is time to form a new habit – one that many will hate me for – but it includes some kind of exercise. I know, I know, our “favorite TV doctor” said that this one doesn’t need any exercise and it will melt your fat stubborn stomach away but I don’t really believe that. At least for me, it didn’t work that way.

But, forming a habit of taking the pill regularly, and then exercising a little bit, well it certainly helped. I am a man, so you might think this works differently for men, but don’t be scared. This is how it is done, and it works great both for men and women.

Unfortunately, our job is still not completely done. We need the third, very important ingredient.

The proper diet

Again, I know you hate me, but I’m just telling you how it is. If you want to lose weight, you will have to form some kind of diet. There is no way in hell that you can pop a garcinia, and still eat a 1 lb of ham and eggs for breakfast, a whole turkey for dinner and drink a sixpack of beer for better flow.

There is good news as well: the diet I am talking about (Paleo diet, read the review here), doesn’t have to be super strict, nor will it starve you to the point where you think you will faint. It’s just a little different from your today’s eating habits, but again, remember, in order to create new habits you have to get rid of the old ones. In order to be a new person, you have to let that old person go. You have to start thinking differently, behave differently, eat, exercise and breathe and live differently.

Because if you don’t do that, you will just fall short of the complete transformation you were looking for, and what’s worse, all that is happening actually so close to your goal.

So don’t give up after 21 days, stay on the path. Take the pill. Find your best pace for exercise. Create your own diet or have one created for you. And keep on going on, one step at a time, but never stop. Stay motivated. Do not stop. Ever. And you’ll get there.

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