Losing Weight with Garcinia Cambogia as a supplement

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Fitness and Garcinia Cambogia work together for weight loss

Sometimes a little motivation helps losing weight

We all get to a point in our lives, where we are unsatisfied with our own looks. This might be an easily fixable thing like wrong hair color or length. Or it could be that we get to realize a new set of clothes is needed.

And sometimes it is something a bit harder, such as loosing weight. This presents a big problem in several aspects of life: there are health risks of being obese, it is literally harder to buy clothes, and studies have shown that overweight people have lower self-esteem and often suffer of lack of confidentiality. These are just things on the surface, but they are important and we should do whatever it takes, to make our lives healthier and more fulfilling.

So what should you do exactly if you want to lose weight with Garcinia Cambogia?

Remember that your body is a complex mechanism, it will not lose 20 pounds immediately after you open the bottle of Garcinia Cambogia and start taking 3 pills a day for 7 days. The most important thing in weight loss, and probably the hardest one, is not loosing faith. You have to focus on your regeneration, on your new, healthier life and do whatever it takes in order not to be taken off that road.

The next important thing is developing new habits. People generally are creatures of habits, and old habits die hard. Developing new ones is not easy, but it surely is worth it. In the beginning, create your daily plan and your routine in a way which will include:

  1. At least 30 minutes of exercise, no need to do anything extreme, just make sure you power-walk, run, swim, play football, do any outside activity or go to a gym for a while. To check more about minimum exercise for maximum benefits check my Walk to Boost your Weight Loss article.
  2. Remember to take the Garcinia Cambogia pill at least 30 minutes before your meal. As I recommended, at the beginning put an alarm clock to go off every time you should take your dose of Garcinia Cambogia, and in no time you will be developing a habit of it.
  3. Have the least amount of stress you can. Stress is a very unhealthy thing and it often leads to consuming extreme amount of everything bad for us: fatty food, snacks, alcohol, even cigarettes, etc. Stress is very hard to avoid, but you should fight it. Proper sleeping, massage, sports, herbal teas, all help reduce the stress level.
  4. Lastly, accept that taking supplements is good for you. We often feel, that by taking a supplement we are on some sort of drugs. That is not true. Garcinia Cambogia is an all natural “extension” to your diet. Remember, supplements are just supplements, and more than 70% of people all around the world take some kind of supplement. This is because we can’t  get all the necessary minerals, vitamins and other beneficial nutrition ingredients from “standard” food only!


garcinia cambogia for weight loss helped with excersise

try garcinia cambogia for weight loss

Help your body with the proper additional intake of healthy supplements. If you feel you need to, You can also add some minerals and vitamins to your weight loss diet. Soon enough you will be happier, healthier and your life will be in a great place.

We know it is hard to stay motivated through time for all this, so here is a little trick for you below.

How can I force myself to stay motivated in loosing weight?

Remember, you are doing this for yourself. Being able to understand the goal of your own weight loss is a powerful motivator. What worked for me, I have had this sneaky trick: I decided on giving myself a small gift after every week when you lose the weight you have decided to lose. And of course, after you have reached your ideal weight, you should treat yourself with something great.

Now I am not saying after that you should just go back and start eating 4.000 calories a day, no! Don’t lose faith, never forget your main goal: to live a fuller, more energetic life. 

If you can afford it, once you get to your ideal weight do something that will make you extremely happy. Go to a new spa, a longer holiday or buy yourself a luxury item, something that you wouldn’t normally buy. Let this be a reminder of your path and struggle, and if you really want to be true to yourself: every time you think you might fall back to gaining weight, deprive yourself of your new luxury item. Even better: tell your friends, that you will give it to them as a gift. I imagine if you buy a 2.000 USD watch, and you make a decision to give it away if you go back to for example, binge eating, it might just keep your motivation level high enough, not to be tempted to go there.

Make up your mind now, and start the weight loss program with Garcinia Cambogia and proper motivation!

Do not say in 6 months, that you wish you have started today. Start today!

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