Garcinia Cambogia and Alcohol

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You are not an alcoholic, but occasionally you have a drink or two? No problem. Drinking alcohol is a common thing, socially and medically (in certain amount) acceptable and if you are not pouring down a bottle of wine a day down your throat, you shouldn’t be alarmed. And most probably you will still benefit from garcinia.

But will drinking interfere with garcinia cambogia? Do you have to stop any kind of beverages and drinks with friends, or there is a way to work on this in a good way. Here we discuss a very important question: what if you don’t want to stop drinking, you want to enjoy your occasional glass of Wine and still take Garcinia Cambogia?

The simple fact is that men drink more alcohol than women. Does this mean Garcinia Cambogia wouldn’t work its miracle for men? Not exactly. Lets see whats behind your glass of Wine or a Lager Beer and see how it effects your weight loss plans.

Garcinia cambogia and alcoholic drinks

Alcohol is full of “empty calories” that Garicinia Cambogia deals with?

Alcohol is often called “empty calories”, and what this means is that the nutritional value of alcoholic drinks are exactly zero. This means, if you take a drink, it won’t give you nutrition but will give you instant “energy” from calories. But as you know, it has a huge impact on your weight.

Your body lives from these calories, and the very next thing that happens is: alcohol increases appetite, which is sometimes a good thing, but also has a downside. All the food you take after having a drink, goes right into “storage”, i.e. it is converted into more fat in your body.

This is where Garcinia Cambogia can help. Because it actually stops creation of fatty cells!

So, if you enjoy your occasional glass of wine or a pint of Lager just know that you must drink responsibly: you should limit the amount of drinks to one glass of wine or one beer a day.

When you take a drink, your alcohol is sent directly to processing. That means, to your liver. As the alcohol reaches the liver, it places all of its attention on alcohol. Everything else is put aside. If you drink very slowly, all the alcohol is collected by the liver and processed immediately, avoiding all other body systems. If you drink more quickly, the liver cannot keep up with the processing needs and the alcohol continues to circulate in the body until the liver is available to process it. That’s why drinking large amounts of alcohol (or drinking alcohol quickly) affect the brain centers involved with speech, vision, reasoning and judgment.

Drinking Smarter: Continue with Garcinia Cambogia

Try to enjoy both the drink and your food slower, better. Know that alcohol increases appetite and on the other side it slows your metabolism down pretty much, because all the metabolic events are immediately sent to dissolving alcohol in your body, actually liver. Everything else is pushed behind, with low priority.

Eat slower, “like a boss” and this will teach your body and your metabolism to actually process the food you take better.

Know this also: researches have shown that if you drink before or during a meal, your inhibitions and willpower to stop is pretty much reduced. If you have trouble with binge eating, with willpower to eat only one dish of meal, you should avoid alcohol completely. Since with even the smallest drink you are more likely to overeat, especially greasy or fried foods, this will affect your diet. You will be adding pounds instead of shedding them.

I think there is no need to avoid alcohol completely. Speaking from own experience, though I don’t drink every day and I don’t drink more than 2 glasses of wine, mostly with dinner.

In my attempts to lose weight, I decided to drink less, drink smarter and do more xercise. And seriously, exercise helps because it burns a lot of those “empty calories” that I took with my wine…

Important note: the writing represent my own opinion and results, it might be different for you. If you have any questions you should check it with your doctor and not rely on internet blogs solely.

Also read our medical disclaimer.


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